It's a combination of coal and white chalk. The text was created trough digital... How do you like it?

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Cute boy as a picture ...
This is a unique portrait of a unique person in the background. I am glad that you like it, Marta.

Another portrait on request from my very good friend. Very well draws to a beautiful woman. I must admit with full sincerity.

You can think of that as a sign of respect and love for one of the best singers of all time. Nirvana and Curt Kobain also belong to my favorite artists.

I just love Evanescence. And as I have here does not sketch Amy Lee?

It is one of which I received orders to implement. Personally I think it is a successful ...
A little sketch and watercolor. Regards.

Looking back now, I know that this work is not the best. I remember the days of old comic fantasy and took me to the memories ... I only hope that maybe someone will like it.